Enabling solutions crafted with care

Intasure Life exists in order to enable financial solutions for our clients.

About Intasure

Wayne Hill and Geoff Genricks joined the family-owned Intasure brokerage in 1983, where Geoff focussed on short-term insurances and Wayne on the financial planning and life assurance aspects of the business. The business prospered over the years, expanding as client's needs and requirements changed and as the industry evolved rapidly. Around  2008, it became evident that in order for Intasure Financial Planners to further develop, maintain its high service levels and confidently manage its ever-growing quality client base, would require the services and assistance of additional quality financial planners.


This process took time and patience but Wayne was eventually rewarded by securing the services of 3 quality financial planners namely John van der Merwe, Mary-Anne Watkins and Brian Groom, all bringing a host of specialised skills to the business. Wayne took an early retirement from the business in 2012 and Intasure Financial Planners continues to  develop and grow due to the combined efforts and skills of the new team and their capable and friendly personal assistants, Chantel Dyson, Belinda Shepherd and Rae Lombard..........


We utilise the following specialists:

  • Short Term.  We have an established relationship with Intasure Pty Limited who are specialists in the provision of  vehicle, marine, household and commercial insurance. 
  • Employee Benefits. Intasure Employee Benefits are specialists in providing employers with suitable  group schemes aimed at addressing the retirement and risk needs of their staff.
  • Wills and Tax.  As part of our financial planning process, we outsource the drafting of wills and sourcing of appropriate tax advice.
  • Medical Aid and Gap Cover. We maintain a list of reputable providers for this purpose.

Life, Dread disease, Capital and Income Disability cover. We utilise and constantly review the offerings of the various assurance companies, seeking best of breed solutions for our clients.

Capital accumulation.

Here we offer a variety of investment structures which take into consideration your specific requirements, circumstances and preferences.  We utilise the expertise and fund management capabilities of a  broad range of select FSB approved investment houses, both locally and abroad.



As retirement approaches, we tailor well structured, tax efficient strategies to ensure that your hard-earned capital is utilised to best provide a sustainable and secure revenue stream, thereby allowing you to enjoy your well-deserved retirement.