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Our final message for 2016

Dear Investor

Thank goodness for the seasons,

Our brains start a process of renewal when the weather begins to change, the leaves change colour and the flowers start to wilt or to blossom,

We need this to happen,

Our human environment is so busy these days that we are struggling to adapt to the speed of it all,

The youth immerse themselves in this mixture of sound, vivid colour and human activity all around them, while the greying amongst us (not a bad thing on a parent, a leader, fund manager or pilot),

start to long for the open lands - be they green or sandy brown, the animals, fynbos – God’s creations…We need space, time and some quiet to reflect…to get away from information (social media can be good, but it can pervade our minds constantly if we allow it too),

With reflection comes wisdom – fail forward, learn from our mistakes.   

We do not know how the events of 2016 will influence each of our lives, but we now need to concentrate on our loved ones and on ourselves, so that we will have the energy to be positive, to appreciate small wonders and to be able to make judgement calls again in a few weeks’ time.

Our country is a wonderful place and we have important roles to play in it, all of us.

May you be refreshed in the next few weeks (it may take longer to wind down and to gear up again this time round) and may you take on 2017 with energy and enthusiasm and may it be a great year for you!

Best wishes

Your Intasure Life team